Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summary of our blog... :-)

In Malaysia or we can say in the entire world, the crime is increasing day by day, month by month and year by year.. various types of crime happened around us like has been discussed in our entrie before such as murder, rape, theft of electrical cable, throw away the baby, snatch thief, crime because of social web, drug addiction and so forth. From the crimes that had been discussed, it seems like the factors that cause the crime are almost the same. They did all the crimes like they cannot even think about the impact of what they have done to themselves, to the victims, families, citizens and to their country. This crime must be stopped before it is getting worst and worst. For this last entrie, we would like to share our feelings about writing this blog with you all. It is such a great experience because we can express about our feelings, our opinions and so on through this blog. Actually, writing a blog is not difficult as we thought before. It is very simple. All we need is just the idea of what we want to share with all the readers.

Say No To Drug !!!

Most of drug addictions is due to the influence of is also because of the family problems that they have..When they do not get enough attention, enough love from their parents, they will start to find something that can make them forget about all the problems that they have. One of them is by taking drugs. So, the parents are responsible to make sure that their children are not involved in this kind of crime. They must know every single movement of their children.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drug addiction is killing us.....

Drug addiction ia a dificult opponent. This is the right word, opponent. It has been working against you from the beginning. Before it ever showed enough of itself for you to fight against it, it probably did you plenty of harms.

Friday, March 19, 2010

dont be fool....because of the facebook...

Although the title above as there is no relation to the subject of crime ..
but we must remember, crime will happen with any way ...
so, we must be vigilant .. do not be stupid! if you do not want to be like the case that we have mentioned in the entrie before this ...
So,do not upload pictures that should not be in facebook .. use facebook to benefit themselves, not to worry yourself ..!

Facebook will kill you!!!

A reminder to those who are on facebook not to give too much of your personal details!

This is one of the real story that could be remind you all about the crime that happen from the facebook...

The girl in the picture posted the nice looking pictures on facebook and of course she got like a million friend request. She accepted all of them.
One of the guys started asking her to meet up and guess to have sex, she deny him but since it was facebook she had put all her info there too.
So, he had her address, phone number and etc. So, he showed up at her place and then the last 4 pictures tell the story of what happen...!!



Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snatch thief to face murder charge

(20 MAY 2009)

A snatch thief, who caused the death of pregnant mother Jamilah Selamat in Ayer Hitam pass year, is likely to be charged with murder.

Johor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said police have recommended to the public prosecutor’s office that the main suspect be charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code, which carries the death penalty.

It is learnt that the suspect, who has six prior cases of snatch theft and was riding a stolen motorcycle, used the money that he stole from Jamilah to go on a date with his girlfriend.

Jamilah, 31, who was two months’ pregnant, was killed when her bag was snatched while she was riding her motorcycle.She died of severe head injuries after hitting the pavement when she fell off the motorcycle.

The suspect had targeted Jamilah as he thought she was an easy victim with her handbag left unattended in her motorcycle basket.

Moral of the story:

Criminal snatch thief could happen to anybody of community either old people, children, and even though a pregnant women... They is so cruel that willing to do anything to get the money...

snatch thief


Please be very alert and extra careful of MOTORCYCLIST
especially if you are carrying a sling-on handbag or camera!!!
There have been snatch thief!